Below is a list of rules and regulations that guide operations and activities of small businesses.  Use the search bar and category filter on the right to find relevant rules.

Please note this is merely a guide to rules and regulations, and does not represent the full and final requirements pertaining to your specific small business.  In addition, the State of New Jersey may have separate requirements for licenses and it is the responsibility of the operator to determine what type of licenses they need to obtain and to secure them before opening an establishment, both with the City of Jersey City and the State of New Jersey.

Click on rule titles to review the full text for items on city ordinance page (where applicable).


Sidewalk Cleaning

Property Maintenance • Sidewalks • Business Owners • Property Owners • Residents
  • Sidewalks shall be kept clean and free of rubbish, debris, or other hazardous items for pedestrians.

Sidewalk Promotions and Advertising

Sidewalk Cafe • Sidewalks • Business Owners • Property Owners • Residents
  • No merchandise, advertising, or signs may be placed on public streets or sidewalks, in front of stores, or in any exterior area (does not apply to waste removal).
  • Merchants may hold one sidewalk sale per month, not to exceed 3 consecutive days (permit required from Division of Zoning).
  • Special Improvement District representatives (where applicable) may apply for the permit on behalf of the business.


Property Maintenance • Signage/Appearance • Business Owners
  • Any exterior signage must be approved by the Division of Zoning.
  • Signs may not be placed above the first floor, in public spaces or in the public right of way, on vehicles or trailers, or greater than 4 feet from the building face.
  • Signage (and products on display) in windows may should cover no more than 25% of total glazed area of a storefront.
  • Signs have additional size, location, shape, design, and structure requirements.  Please review the full text of this ordinance for more information (click on the title of this rule).

Snow and Ice Removal

Property Maintenance • Snow Removal • Business Owners • Property Owners • Residents
  • Snow must be completely cleared from sidewalks and gutters on all sides of the building within eight hours after snowfall.
  • If snow has fallen during the night, complete removal within four hours after sunrise.
  • Do not deposit any snow into the street after it has been plowed. If necessary, snow may be banked and piled the snow no more than three feet from the curb in the street.

Spray Paints

Licenses • Business Owners
  • Unlawful to sell to any person under 18 years of age.
  • Licensed required by Division of Licenses and Fees.

Storefront appearance

Property Maintenance • Signage/Appearance • Business Owners • Property Owners
  • Keep all storefronts in good condition, painted, clean, and free of any eyesore or safety hazard.


Licenses • Business Owners
  • License required from Health & Human Services.

Theater License

Licenses • Business Owners
  • License required for each theater (one month term).