Below is a list of rules and regulations that guide operations and activities of small businesses.  Use the search bar and category filter on the right to find relevant rules.

Please note this is merely a guide to rules and regulations, and does not represent the full and final requirements pertaining to your specific small business.  In addition, the State of New Jersey may have separate requirements for licenses and it is the responsibility of the operator to determine what type of licenses they need to obtain and to secure them before opening an establishment, both with the City of Jersey City and the State of New Jersey.

Click on rule titles to review the full text for items on city ordinance page (where applicable).


Mobile Amusements Devices

Licenses • Business Owners
  • Mobile amusement license required.

Mobile Vendors

Equipment • Garbage • Inspections • Licenses • Location • Parking • Recycling • Sidewalks • Business Owners
  • License required from Health & Human Services.
  • License needs to be affixed to the vehicle or pushcart.
  • All food handlers must attend a course directed by Health & Human Services and taken every five (5) years.
  • Mobile vendors must provide trash and recycling receptacles within ten (10) feet of their site and shall collect all trash and debris within twenty-five (25) feet before leaving their site. Collected trash must not be deposited in public trash receptacles.
  • No mobile vendors shall occupy the street and the sidewalk at the same time.
  • New or replacement mobile food truck vendors shall be inspected before operation by the Health & Human Services.
  • No mobile food vendor shall block traffic, place coolers on the street or sidewalks or provide seating.
  • Mobile food vendors must have portable water tank/sink for hand washing on their vehicle.
  • All motorized vehicles must abide traffic and parking regulations.
  • Mobile food vendors are not allowed to conduct business in The Journal Square Special Improvement District, three hundred (300) feet of any licensed eating and drinking establishment and private property.
  • No mobile food vendor vehicles shall exceed thirty-seven (37) feet long by eight (8) feet wide.

Motor Vehicle Repair Shops

Licenses • Business Owners
  • License required for each shop.
  • License is non transferable.

Murals and Public Art Projects

Property Maintenance • Public Art • Property Owners
  • The Department of Public Works has a “Mural Arts Program” to improve the visual appeal of exterior finishes and to prevent graffiti.
  • Murals are painted at no charge to the property owner and are designed in collaboration with the community and property owner.
  • For more information, visit the Public Works website.

Payroll Tax

Employee • Taxes • Business Owners

On November 20, 2018, the Municipal Council approved Ordinance 18-133, creating a payroll tax for Jersey City employers. All employers located within Jersey City are subject to a 1% tax on their gross payroll. All tax revenues will support the City of Jersey City public schools.

Businesses are required to register prior to making their first payments. CLICK HERE for the Jersey City Municipal Government page to register and other pertinent information on submitting payroll tax payments, FAQs and contact information.

Employers with a quarterly gross payroll less than $2,500 are exempt from the payroll tax. The wages of Jersey City residents are exempt.

Pool Rooms

Licenses • Business Owners
  • License required from the Director of Division of Commerce.
  • License shall be posted in a conspicuous place inside the entrance of the pool room.
  • No pool room license shall be issued where it would violate zoning provisions.
  • Hours of Operation: Sunday through Thursday from 12:00 noon to 2:00am the following day; Friday and Saturday from 12 noon to 3:00am the following day; and on New Year’s Eve from the opening hours herein specified until 4:00am the following day.
  • No person shall wager bets.

Recyclables Collection Times/Curbside

Garbage • Recycling • Business Owners • Lessees • Property Owners • Residents
  • Place waste receptacles on the curb after 7:00p.m, but no later than 10:00 p.m. on the day immediately preceding the day of collection. After collection, remove any containers from the curbside by no later than 10:00a.m.

Recycling Reporting

Grease and Oils • Recycling • Business Owners
  • Businesses must provide separate recycling containers.
  • Businesses must report annually to the municipal recycling coordinator the amount of recycled materials by each type of recycled material.
  • Food service establishments are required to recycle grease.